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With years of on-the-ground experience, Molloy Contracts stands tall as one of the foremost groundworks specialists in Cotswolds, Banbury, Warwickshire  Coventry, West Midlands, Oxfordshire, Warwick, Rugby, Stratford Upon Avon, South Northamptonshire and surrounding areas. Our commitment is to provide top-tier groundwork solutions that set the stage for lasting infrastructure and beautiful landscapes.

Our Coverage

Based in the heart of Warwickshire, our reach extends across Cotswolds, Banbury, Coventry and surrounding areas. From the bustling towns of Warwickshire to the serene landscapes of Banbury, our skilled team is ready to bring its expertise to your doorstep.

Molloy Contracts
Molloy Contracts

Groundworks Services

Our comprehensive range of groundworks includes, but is not limited to:

Site Clearance
Preparing sites for construction, ensuring they are free from obstacles and hazards.
Laying strong and sturdy foundations for residential, commercial, and industrial projects.
Drainage Systems
Implementing effective solutions to manage water run-off, avoiding waterlogging and foundational issues.
Roads and Driveways
Crafting smooth surfaces that stand the test of time.
Transforming spaces to reflect your vision, whether it's a tranquil garden or a vibrant park.

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