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Leading Civil Engineering in Cotswolds, Banbury, Warwickshire & Coventry and surrounding areas

At Molloy Contracts, we pride ourselves on being the leading civil engineering firm covering Cotswolds, Banbury, Warwickshire, Coventry, West Midlands, Oxfordshire, Warwick, Rugby, Stratford Upon Avon, South Northamptonshire. and surrounding areas. Our reputation is built on decades of experience, an unwavering commitment to quality, and a deep understanding of the unique infrastructure needs of this region.

Areas of Expertise

Infrastructure Development
From roads to bridges, we've been instrumental in shaping the backbone of the region's transport infrastructure.
Drainage & Flood Defence
Leveraging advanced methodologies, we ensure communities are protected from the unpredictable British weather.
Site Preparation & Groundworks
Our meticulous planning and precision execution lay the groundwork for successful projects.
Environmental Engineering
Ensuring that all projects are eco-friendly and sustainable, aligning with the region's environmental priorities.
Utilities & Services
Powering communities by safely and effectively integrating essential services into new and existing infrastructures.

Engineering a Brighter Future

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